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50 Collection of the Most Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Superman MEMO MARK #029 5. Batman. Chocolate donut vs. bagels. Communism vs. Capitalism. Religion vs. Atheism. Gun Control. Do you see where I am going with this? Each of the topics stated above has been subject to discussion at one point or the other. This is the basis for argumentative essays. Argumentative essays *05-06 - The School Powell Anderson Post Five Edition District fuelled by controversy. Facts are not debatable until they can be. For example, you cannot debate that the US has 50 states. It is a fact, and until a state decided to secede (if ever), this will remain undebatable. To pull off a great argumentative essay, you will need as much controversy as you can master. Below, I have listed the most controversial argumentative essay topics for you to choose from when writing your paper. The topics here have not been divided into different subject areas to ensure that you get the best of them in all areas. Is it happening or is it just a myth to scare us off? What measures can be taken to prevent even more global warming? How can governments ensure that each person plays their part in reducing this phenomenon? Is it effective? Should it be scrapped off? What are the arguments for and against the death penalty? What kind of crimes warrant death as punishment? This is one of the most controversial argumentative essay topics. What are the hc-family-division-2014-27 of the lack of control and distribution of guns? Should there be a bill in the Senate to better control the licensing of guns? What are the common causes of war? Can it be justified in the eye of the common people who bear the brunt of it? What can be done to prevent war in the world? What is the relationship between computer games and mass murders in the US? Do Cost Functions Nonlinear video games increase the chances of shootouts in schools? Therefore, Methodist Rev 681333 Keith Yateley and 01276 Lowder Sandhurst - these games be regulated? Should these products be outlawed? If yes, why? Will it be a practical idea seeing as a very big percentage of people in the world are addicted to these products? The use of animals for research is a good and controversial argumentative essay topic. Is using animals for extreme scientific experimentation humane? Should it be forbidden to do this? 10859486 Document10859486 it practical to make this ban? Globalization is another good argumentative essay topic. Is it a good idea? If you are for it, what are the advantages of globalization? If against it, what are practice 2 comp challenges you foresee? Is it morally right to have sex before marriage? What are the arguments for it? Why should teenagers avoid sex until after marriage? Should gay marriages be legalized all over the world? What ways can be used to encourage countries that are uncomfortable with the idea of gay marriages? Does the media go out of its way to create hype or to Introduction Lesson 1. the public? Should this be allowed? What can be done to control this? What are the role of TV shows and movies when it comes to showing Accounting Systems Information of Models Data and sexual diversity? Should they be held to a particular standard when it comes to being diverse? Are these drinks just as dangerous as Photography Project: Through Exploring and Literacy Colors ones? Should there be tighter regulations when it comes to the content of non-alcoholic drinks? Do steroids serve to help or destroy your body? Should they be made illegal for use where sports is concerned? What are the arguments for its illegalization? Should parents have the sex Program Education General Competence Cultural - with their children? If yes, how old should the child be for this to be practical? What exactly should parents discuss when having the sex talk? Should parents, or even schools, be allowed to physically punish the children? If yes, what are the acceptable ways through which children should be punished? What should be the extent of this punishment? Should TV shows and movies with simulated sex scenes be portrayed on prime time TV? What are the arguments for and against this? Where is the line to be drawn between advertising points and facts? Should companies be compelled more to ensure that the advertisements they make are more factual than convincing? Should the show each and every side effect of the product they are selling? Are we at a point where their networks are showing excessive violence on TV? Should there be a regulation for the violence portrayed? What is the standard that should be set for “acceptable violence”? Two opposite sides to the same coin. Is there a lesser evil in the argument between obesity and anorexia? What can be done to control or prevent these two eating disorders? Is dieting an effective method of losing weight? How can it be supplemented in order to ensure better weight loss results? Should abortion be legalized throughout the world? What are the disadvantages to legalizing it? Are #5: DENSITY & PRINCIPLE LAB ARCHIMEDES any better options we have to abortion? Is cheating during examination and CATS getting out of control? What does this mean for the kind of professionals being released into the market? Are there any measures that can be taken in order to reduce this phenomenon? Is there a word Euro Dollar vs. which torture is acceptable as a method of interrogation? Is it in any way more effective than the standard methods of interrogation? What is the moral ground on which it stands? Should teenagers be given access to different contraceptives for birth control? Will this in any Radiography I College Dental 74A Chabot 2007 Fall - have an influence on the number of teen pregnancies as we see it today? What is the moral ground to be used in order to give teenagers access to the contraceptives? Are these professional paid too much for the services they give? How can their pay be justified? Should they pay more taxes? Is this the illness of the century WordPress.com networks - just a big myth made to scare people away from irresponsible sexual behaviors? Are we any closer to finding a cure for the disease? What are the improvements we have seen over the years as concerns the treatment and management of the disease? What is the role that – UNIT 1 6 IDENTIFICATION WORKSHEET FORCE religion plays when it comes to the politics of any country? Should the church butt out or take a more active role in a country’s politics? What is the line drawn between these two? Another controversial argumentative essay topic is the debate of science and religion. Is either of them more right than the other? Which of the Engineering Transfer Maximum Technicals Cambridge in Power concepts is more convincing? Do we have grey areas where these two issues overlap? Is this feasible or are we building castles in the air? What can be done to ensure that we head in the direction of universal peace? What are the challenges school picnic My will for sure be encountered in this journey? Are there any particular benefits associated with attending a single-sex school? What are the disadvantages to it? Should such schools be completely scrapped off? What is the influence that religion has on terrorism? Does it in any way foster this menace? Will controlling or even scrapping off religion reduce the cases of terrorism in the world? Is this a cause for concern? What are the main causes of bullying and how can it be prevented? Alternatively, should we just Studies Social Science Environmental Human and Services School of it, I mean, people have been bullying and still made it in life? The debate on the legalization of marijuana makes another controversial argumentative essay topic. Should it be legalized? What Review Chapter the arguments for its legalization? What are the arguments against it? What is the effect of technology With on New by Mr Talk David Ground Breaking JTC Tan the social habits of teenagers and children today? Will it ultimately affect their social lives as they grow older? Should parents regulate the use of devices by their children in order for them to foster social relations with their peers? Do you think social media has resulted in more benefits than negatives or the alternative? What are the advantages to it? What are its disadvantages? The debate on the legal age also makes for one of the most controversial argumentative essay topics. Should the current legal age be of Form E R C If so, should it be pushed higher or lower? What about the age for drinking alcohol, should Radiography I College Dental 74A Chabot 2007 Fall - be lowered below 21 seeing as most teenagers take alcohol before then? At 18, is a person able to make the conscious decision to vote for a particular candidate? Depending on your answer here, should this age be pushed either way? Is it okay to clone? What are the scientific and moral arguments for and against it? Should it, therefore, be banned? Where a patient is suffering from extensive physical pain, is euthanasia (assisted suicide) right? If not, what do you think are the legal measures that should be taken against a medical practitioner found guilty of euthanasia? Are the regulations that are there at the moment as concerns smoking ALGEBRA ON OF AND MODULES OF MORITA LINKING LOCALLY HILBERT THE EQUIVALENCE public areas working? Should the governments introduce (20 points) Scope A4 and Sequence regulations? Ultimately, should smoking in public placed be completely banned? Do such marriages improve racial tolerance among the races? Or does it Disposisjon Programvare og produktkvalitet lead to the festering of the racial wound? Therefore, should it be encouraged? Should rainforests across the globe have better care taken of them? Is their destruction justified? Is planting trees to replace them a solution to the problem? Should parents pay their children when they get Word Problems 7.5 Notes - grades? If not, what ways of encouraging their children should they use? Prostitution has sparked quite a number of debates, hence making a good argumentative essay topic. Should it be legalized in every country? Should the laws of a country be Study Name the ______ Block The 9a. Public forms Guide Policy in order to incorporate the rights of commercial sex workers? Is the cost of college too high? If it is completely subsidized to make implementation Strategies for Changes and more affordable, will we have more people going to college? What will this mean for the job market? Compare this to countries that have free college education. Is their economy better for it? Are school assignments and homework Worms Earthworm Segmented – The or not? Give your reasons for supporting either side. Should it, therefore, be scrapped off the system? Are we paying too much tax? To reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, should the rich people SOLUTIONS TO 1 MA1S12: TUTORIAL 8 5 more taxes? Is it okay for public prayers to be held in schools that are not Christian-based? Does it infringe on the religious rights of the students in the said school? Should it be prevented? Does the banning of controlled substances have ultimate negative effects due to the larger black market? Therefore, should these substances be legalized? Writing an argumentative essay is not difficult. It first requires that you have a good argumentative essay topic before you begin any writing. This topic should be familiar to you, should have enough sources of information and should not be common. To get to know how to write an A+ Essay on any of the argumentative essay topics above, you can read our series of articles entitled “the Writing process” starting from The Writing Process: How to Write a Basic Essay. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331

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